A supremely happy learning environment


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We absolutely understand that parents may worry about the happiness and well-being of their children at school.

Class sizes are small at Lorenden ensuring that all pupils are known and appreciated for their individuality.  Every Reception child has a ‘buddy’ in Year 6, and Kindergarten are looked after by Year 5; someone to watch over them and, through weekly joint activities, to accelerate their progress. 

Our Code of Courtesy is central to daily life.  It promotes awareness of others and the good manners of which we are immensely proud. 

Parents are always welcome in school.  Regular ‘Consultation Evenings’, written reports and Achievement Assemblies also keep them in touch with how their child is getting on.

We know how important it is for children to get enough exercise and to be well fed so we try always to get outside during the three daily playtimes to make the most of our extensive grounds.  Tuck and lunch are provided for all.  The food is all locally sourced and home cooked; the caterers are passionate about balancing the children’s diets and educating their palates. 

We hope that all the above is reassuring.